Protect Your Smile While You Sleep With Help From Your Dentist in Scarborough

If you wake up with a headache or recurrent pain in your lower jaw, you may be experiencing night grinding or clenching. Otherwise known as bruxism, the condition can significantly damage your teeth, to the point that they may experience fractures, cracks, and/or require extraction. Thankfully, at EastSide Family Dental in Scarborough, we can help prevent these issues with the help of a professionally-made nightguard.

What causes bruxism?

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to the development of this condition, including anxiety, stress, crooked teeth, snoring, smoking, an abnormal bite, caffeine, alcohol, and sleep apnea. And while teeth grinding or clenching can occur both during the day and night, it’s while patients sleep that the most damage is done.

How can a professional nightguard help?

Depending on the severity of your grinding and clenching, a professional nightguard may or may not be necessary. When you visit us, we’ll assess your mouth and should there be signs of damage to your teeth, gums, and cheeks, we may recommend that you utilize a nightguard to act as a protective barrier between your teeth while you sleep. This custom-made device will also help reduce jaw soreness, facial pain, and headaches that are commonly linked to bruxism.

Interested in learning more or in having your mouth examined for signs of bruxism? Call our friendly team today to arrange a consultation!

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  • Protect your teeth while you sleep
  • Reduce morning grogginess, jaw pain, and headaches
  • Prevent tooth cracks, fractures, and extractions caused by nighttime tooth grinding
  • Wear a comfortable nightguard that’s custom-made for your smile
  • Enjoy protective benefits for years!
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